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Northland Stock now has a facebook page! This makes it easy for all of you who use facebook to share my stock with non DA users. All stock is free for anyone to use anywhere- on site and user is not a requirement :)…
FREE LINEART--- Walking Wolf by Italian-Pitbull
FREE LINEART--- Walking Wolf
Old adoptable base that I had made for myself. No longer use this style/have upgraded my art since and will be discontinuing the use of bases for adopts. For the time it takes to custom color one of these linearts, I may have just as well drawn that character out completely. There was really no time saved with this method.

In order to use this lineart you need to have an understanding of photoshop or GIMP. This lineart is NOT paint-friendly

If a paint friendly one is made, I will link to it for you. I'm just uploading these as is, so again, if someone else makes a pixel version, I will link to it for you.

"How do I use this?" - Easy, make yourself two new layers under this. Color one white with the fill bucket, leave the other empty. 
Color on the empty layer and then you can make your background whatever color/texture/photo/etc that you would like :) (Smile)

Lineart Rules

1. I don't care what you do with it as long as you don't change the lines themselves. You can add hair if you'd like, you can add wings, but please do not chop up my original lineart. 

2. You may use this for point adoptables, cash adoptables, again whatever you like as long as it's tasteful. Basically DO NOT RUIN IT FOR OTHERS. Nobody likes assholes so don't start your day by being one and making something nasty from this artwork provided for you.

3. You may use it for temporary reference sheets of characters, but PLEASE do not use it for OFFICIAL REFERENCE SHEETS. It's much nicer if you draw your own artwork to make official reference sheets and if you're doing role play groups, they will NOT accept linearts as references for characters. For some people this is very hard to understand, but trust me it's much more rewarding to draw your own official reference sheet instead of being stupidly lazy.

4. I ask that you PLEASE for the love of god do not remove my signature. I shoved it there for a reason, that reason is not for you to remove it and parade around that you drew this yourself (not that anyone's going to believe you anyway, but still, it just pisses artists off when you do that). 

5. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FULL RESOLUTION LINEART- color that, then shrink it to desired size (your images will look much better than if you just right clicked - save as *on the tiny 600 px wide image*)

6. If you use it, fav it. If you use it, show me- I have a folder set aside to favorite people's works using my stock resources. 

7. Want more linearts? Visit the "Stuff You Can Use" folder in my gallery. Want other stock resources? Go to NorthlandStock

8. Questions? As always, ask.

9. "Linking Back"- I would greatly appreciate if you put a link back to this lineart so that OTHERS can use it too. They're going to look at what you posted and ask you where you got the lineart from, so do them a favor and just tell them in your description :) (Smile)
Hello again :) This week I'm bringing something special to the table.
I have an art challenge for you. For those of you who have facebook, view it here - by liking the page you'll be actively involved in the community aspect as well.

The challenge is called "I don't care if the world knows my secrets" and here's some info for you:
This is an art challenge designed to share with the world that no matter how old you are, a comfort item (such as character pijamas, plush toys etc) is not something to be ashamed of, or made fun of by other adults.

How to take on the challenge:
The objective is to either draw OR buy artwork of your character with said item of choice and in a way that portays when that comfort item is used (example, sick/depressed/had a bad day at work).

Some FAQ:

What if I dont have a character?
-- Pick your favorite animal and make it into/ask to have it made into a "cartoon"

What do I need to post with my image?
-- Your character's name, your age (you dont have to be specific, for example, 20s, 30s, mid 30s, etc), describe the comfort item, and let us know why that item is special to you.
Oh and credit the artist who made it by linking to their gallery. If its your work, post your gallery link.

Do I have to draw it?
No. You can commission your challenge pic from anyone that you'd like.

Suggested, but not required:
We encourage you to draw/commission multiple instances of your character and comfort item. It helps boost morale :) and it helps inspire others to show the world that there is nothing wrong with their comfort item.

Keep it clean. This challenge was intended for view by the general public!!

When posting to your profiles/personal galleries, you must drop a line in that says that you challenge your viewers to participate in this project and provide a link to this page so that they can read about the challenge.
If you get somebody that doesnt use facebook, you can copy/paste the info they need, or screenshot it for them :)

We ask that you restrict backgrounds to being very simple in nature UNLESS that background is required for your story. If your background is not necessary for telling the story, keep it to just simple, soft-tone (please no obnoxiously LOUD) colors that do not distract viewers from the image thats telling the story.

Most importantly, have fun, be inspired, and happy sharing! :D


The idea is fairly simple. You can post your challenge pieces anywhere. If you upload them here and do NOT have a facebook, please tag me and I will upload your challenge for you to the community based page. If you are a member of facebook- please post it directly to the page and I will share it so that it shows up on the timeline :)

Your challenges can be posted anywhere you'd like- just be sure to link back to the challenge as stated under the FAQ

Here is my start to the challenge:…

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