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Your all around best shot at contacting me is to either message me at… or email me at SERATTI MACININI -AT- GMAIL -DOT- COM (all lower case, no spaces, appropriate symbols... c'mon, we all know what an email address looks like lol)
If you send me a note here, there is a very HIGH probability of it going unseen for weeks if not months. I am NOT ignoring you, I just don't check on here often sometimes. Sometimes I do, but please don't take that as "oh she's been around more often lately, let's contact her here!" because you may honestly miss out as to when I'm actually coming on next. Save yourself the headache and worries; don't do it.

Some people like to donate points. I guess just for fun/for the heck of it? If you wish to do so, then please do at my adoptable account :iconsm-adopts: Note: I'm not asking you to. I'm directing you as to which account to send it to. I'm not using points on this account for anything so it's just one more thing for me to have to take time, go back, send them all over to the other account and yeah. Much easier to receive them all in one place.

Thank-you messages. Seriously? It's a llama. It's not a watch, it's not a fav, it's just a llama badge. There's no need to go to everybody's walls and write ZOMG THANK YOU FOR THE LLAMA. All you're doing is spamming that person along with everyone else who is so excited over thanking them for a llama. If you're already a watcher from before, you'll know not to post that to me :) if you're new, well here's what you do!
So instead of spamming up a person's profile, send them a llama. Llamas are cool little sprites that change after a person has accumulated a certain number. Right now I'm working on getting a Spartan Llama which requires 5k llamas. I have 3k something llamas. I need almost 2k more before I get "upgraded" to the next level. 
You can only send a llama once to each person's profile. Kind of sucks, but hey its how they have it set up. For those of you with multiple accounts: Send one to me from each account. You'll always get a llama back. 
Did I give you a llama? Enjoy collecting them, but help me out and give me one back XD They're 100% free, they don't cost you anything other than a few seconds of time. It takes you longer to type out a thank you for the llama message than it does to click on "give llama". 

I like llamas. I need more llamas! I don't need comments that say thank you for a llama and not get any llama at all!

For watches: I will give you a copy/paste message with all of my info on it if you suddenly decide to start watching me. You can keep watching this account if you're looking for free linearts and such, but if you're looking for regular full detailed works of art, you'll have to head over to the facebook page as I haven't posted anything here in nearly a year now. Linearts will always be put up here.
Do you need to thank me for a watch? Well, since I literally unwatched everybody except for two groups (for resource purposes and the other is to give me an idea of what artistic pinups are) you won't be thanking me for any more watches XD or at least you shouldn't be.... if I suddenly start watching new people while I'm gone then I'll have to question the security of my account.

For Favorites: Just give me a llama badge! I collect the fun little things so every time somebody new comes to my profile, I'd love it if you left me one :) If I fav your stuff, that means I like it. It's very time consuming and energy consuming for you to run around and thank people for everything that they do, so skip me, save me the plight of having to hide all of those messages too. UNLESS YOU HAVE A COPY/PASTE BLOCK OF INFORMATION THAT YOU GIVE TO PEOPLE (like where to find other galleries of yours etc), do not plop "omg! thank you for the fav :D" on my profile. Seriously... I fav a lot of things. If I got a generic three word thank you note for each and every one of them, my poor message center would explode. :(

NOTES: If you honestly have no other way to contact me, then send a note. This I highly doubt as you needed an email in order to sign up for DA in the first place. Meaning- YOU HAVE AN EMAIL. EVERYBODY HAS AN EMAIL. USE IT. If you have facebook, please use that first. Also, stop stop stop stop stop sending me notes that say "zomg thank you for the llama" or for the fav or things like that. AGAIN, if it has a lot of important detailed information in it that I need to read, then yes send it to me. Otherwise, if it's just a generic few word sentence of thank you for the whatever, DON'T send me it. It honestly is a form of spam whether you realize that or not!

Clear as mud?

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TheFallenCherry Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the llama! :D Your free linearts are beautiful and your rules are so clear! :3 I feel it really helps when the rules are stated clearly in the descriptions~
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